360 Anxiety

Everyone who has suffered from anxiety knows about the mood swings, the loss of breathe and the panic that ensues.

Slowly but surely the trigger that we had we recognize and can spot the signs sooner each time.

But sadly we are never limited to one thing that triggers anxiety in ourselves.

Are We?


From someone walking behind me to not replying to be in a large group of people as some to mention i have adapted and understand what my body is doing in each of these scenarios but now being in a traffic accident today i now have to add sitting in a car to my list.

Whilst stationary in traffic another driver who i believe was doing over 30 -35mph went into the back of my car surging myself forward and into the rear of another vehicle who then collided with another.

I can remember the moment when it was calm. When i was just talking to my partner @anya786 talking through bluetooth and then the moment when the innocence of the moment was torn away in a thunderous jolt sending shards of glass forward, shaking me around and ending the conversation in screams of confusion and turmoil.

The rest is blank. Until i put the handbrake on and grab my phone to vacate the vehicle to see the culprit falling out of the vehicle and the other drives surveying the damage.

I know i will drive again. I have to. But i know now that i reminded of the incident through the whiplash and the pain i feel. I can smell the “crash” and the stench of the road filters through my senses now. But i know i will put that aside as i have to continue with my life. If i don’t i can’t progress. I can’t work. I can’t visit family and friends. I can’t move.

The best way to manage your anxiety is to face it. Especially in a safe environment.

Driving is something i have done for over a decade so its all to familiar and the first time i have suffered an incident like this i am hoping will be more prominent in the future than the memories of July 12th 2017.

4 thoughts on “360 Anxiety

  1. You are strong & resilient human being Problematique86 . I don’t base it on the fact that we are life partners but on being objective – taking into consideration your experience and miscellaneous life situations. Whatever happened today added another valuable lesson on to your list- and this experience will help others who found themselves in a similar situation.


  2. You are a very resilient and strong human being Problematique86!!! I don’t base my statement on us being life partners but on being objective- I have seen you in miscellaneous life situations and I know how hard you fight for mental health not being a stigma anymore. I strongly believe that today’s accident has been another experience which will help others to cope with the aftermath of the incident and accident which is not loudly spoken about. I love you xxx

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