Anxious Existence After the Incident

When you live with anxiety for many years you get use to it. It becomes your partner for life. It’s not the most pleasant acquaintance of all times. I would say you treat it as a very annoying colleague from work who happens to sit next to you. You can’t get rid of them (obviously) or completely separate yourself from their presence. You just work out your own clever ways to exist alongside them leading fairly good & satisfying life ( if you’ve already learnt to appreciate it). At times, you don’t even notice them anymore. You treat them as something completely acceptable and relatively easy to deal with. Until…. until something unexpectedly unpleasant happens. You come up against the problem like a champion leaving others amazed of how well you handled the issue. You are proud of yourself but deep down you know that you are about to be kicked hard in the softest spot of your spine. Twelve hours go by and you start feeling effects of your bravery appearing out of nowhere. You would like to ask-

Why, oh why am I feeling so restless and tired?

Why is my heart beating so fast?

Why does my chest feel so tight?

Why am I anticipating the worst?


It’s JUST anxiety- your beloved and annoying colleague from the next desk who has just decided to annoy you by their foolish behaviour AGAIN.

If you are a bigger person in this situation you will take it easy. You will take care of yourself by :

– resting

– doing something you love

– sleeping/ napping

– actively meditating

– solely focusing on yourself

– cuddling with someone you love and trust

– talking to someone about your feelings

If you naively wants to fight with anxiety by battling your mind then you are on the best way to succumb to its mentally painful trap.

Choice is yours but remember it’s better to make peace with anxiety and learn to manage its symptoms rather than waist your precious existence in the name of pointless suffering.

We are here to LISTEN.


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