If you look at the picture above you can see a creature murdering the poor anxiety stricken head. This is ANXIETY. Anxiety strikes unexpectedly, everything can be going well and all of the sudden you become paralysed with the brutal and panicky reality of inner fear.

I want to help you to realise that you are not alone and there are few simple ways to cope with the attack.

I have listed 5 SELF- HELP rules which will help you to survive the episode of anxiety.

1. Breath- inhale and exhale – at least five times. You will instantly become overwhelmed with a sense of relief and temporary enlightenment ( Yes, I’m actually going to live) due to your brain receiving enough oxygen.

2. Take it slow. It’s easy to say… and guess what… It’s easy to do too!!! Focus on the basics, go through your daily planner and limit it to bear minimum.

3. Self-care. Limiting your plan for the day will not only take some of the stress off your shoulders but it will also allow you to REST.

  • 4. Rest. Your mind is exausted and it drags your body along putting it in a state of emergency. Sit down, lie down and breath !!! You and only you matter in this moment. If you are in the public and you can’t go home, please, follow these few little tips :
  • look around and acknowledge the present moment and the surrounding environment while breathing
  • feel your feet touching the ground (press them down on to the floor to feel your body being grounded- it will give you a sense of security)
  • tell yourself that everything is going to be fine and that the feeling of fear will pass

5. Focus. When you feel better do something which relaxes you. It can be anything from listening to music or making a peanut butter sandwich !

Remember that you are a wonderful and unique person !!!

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