Body & Mind Triggers

You live your life fully, you think you are doing well, you have overcome so much, you are extremely proud of your strength and then baaam… one string of negative situations caused by the presence of a toxic person in your life brings you down to the very low ground. You feel, sad, lost and defeated. You have lost the joy of life and the sadness is eagerly devouring your self- confidence and self- esteem. If you could you would compare yourself to a whale who can’t swim and who is in the middle of the ocean drowning surrounded by active waves and ripples. You keep asking yourself- How does one human being can make you feel miserable? Deep inside, you know that they must be very unhappy with themselves and they simply take it out on you to make themselves feel better. You may pose as a strong person outside by responding appropriately to every situation ( because you a smart as hell) but inside you are crumbling. You are falling apart because you are unable to express yourself emotionally, you emotionally binge and stuff your innerself with feelings and when you are finally at ease e.g. at home with your loved ones you explode because you feel so sad & lost. You are scream for help by being an unhappy cluster of emotions and you forget that your loved ones are supportive, they console you, give you advice but won’t take your bullshit and they will not support your whining because they love you and care about you deeply. Focus on the positives and do everything in your power to resolve the situation with a negative person. If you can’t isolate yourself from them try to remain as much assertive as you can. Remember you are loved and you must focus on the positives because you are UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL BEING.

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