Body Positivity

I’m sure you’ve heard about a group of wonderful people who embrace body positivity. These lovely people who are of different body shapes and sizes are trying to change the distorted perception of beauty deeply embedded in the modern society. I’m convinced that at some in your life you wondered if you are adequate, good or beautiful enough. Maybe you’ve spent years on changing your diet and adjusting excercises to achieve the ultimate and perfect look which can be seen in miscellaneous magazines.

I adore working out myself but I have stopped killing my dear body and mental side for the sake of transformation. I was tired of seeing ‘transformation pictures’ of people who lost/ gained / maintained weight claiming that their lives have become a miracle wonderland. Have they really? How can I know that your life has changed for the better after you dropped few pounds? I can’t assess your life based on your physical appeareance because I can’t see what’s within you and your mind. You are the only person who can conclude if you are internally happy and fulfilled. I excercise and I do it for my health, body and mind. I only do it to keep it in a good condition. I consider my body to be a temple and I want that temple to look the way I want it to be. I might be overweight, underweight or I might fit within the BMI norm. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that I’m at peace with my weight, shape and size. I embrace it and I want you to try to do the same. I want you to stand in front of the mirror, get naked, look at yourself and tell yourself that you are beautiful and unique, nobody has a body or mind like yours because you are one and only, you are UNIQUE.

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