Shocking !!!

Is it shocking that at times I need some space ?

Is it shocking that after a day of dealing with people I need some time to recover?

Is it shocking that I’m an extremely straighforward and introverted person who values communication more than anything?

Is it shocking that I keep distance from people whom I don’t trust?

Is it shocking that I reject to conform to society standards of everyday living and interaction?

I am who I am and I appreaciate being the solely and only real version of myself.

Are you real?

Have you beaten yourself up for not fitting socially in a group of peers?

Have you tried to change yourself to the point of loosing your identity?

Have you changed yourself for someone in order to please them?

My pledge to you today is to not change anything about yourself for one day. Take a piece of paper and write down all of your wonderful quirks and qualities which you have. Stick to them for one whole day. It’s going to be the most difficult task you’ve ever done in your life because it will consist of everyday traps such as talking to people whom you don’t find easy to communicate with, saying ‘no’ to different requests, doing something brave on your own such as voicing your opinion againist others- being in minority instead of majority. It’s scary isn’t?

If you have made throughout the day with bumps and obstacles sit down, contemplate and celebrate a huge victory of being YOU.

If you carry on with the whole thing you may loose few fake ‘ dear friends’ but you will keep & gain people who appreciate you and your inner-self.

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