Bumpy Bump

Before getting pregnant I thought I knew everything about the whole pregnancy thing. I thought I was prepared and had it all figured all. Surprise, surprise I’ve been unprepared not only for a load of physical symptoms but also for mental health overload.

It feels like I’ve been on a rollercoaster which never slows down, never stops but constantly accelerates. I barely have control over it but I still need to hold it together. Which I do but it’s heck of a challenge.

What do I do to help myself?

First of all, I’ve been talking about my feelings and emotions out loud. I find it very therapeutic to be able to share them with my partner Ian.

Secondly, I’ve been taking it easy when I need by using coping techniques from active meditation. The active meditation is all about being aware of the present moment and focusing on breathing.

I have mentioned two ways of dealing with mental health struggles during pregnancy but I also have one secret.

Let me reveal it to you… there is no cure for feeling low and down due to hormonal changes and underlying mental conditions. If you are not on any medication ( which by the way you should be taking religiously if advised and prescribed by your doctor) you need to take it easy and do everything which may make you feel better. Even if you feel like you’ve been hit by a track and ran over by a road roller (I’ve been there, I’ve done that).

It’s still all new to me, at times I’m confused, sad and weepy but there are also happy moments when I can feel our little baby drumming about in my belly.

Pregnancy is a wonderful miracle but it comes with its challenges. What it’s a unique experience which needs to be treated with sensitivity and respect.

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