If you have ever suffered from anxiety I’m sure you are familiar with a self- coping strategy which I call ‘safety net’.

What is it?

The safety net is an option or an alternative which you give yourself just in case you don’t feel like doing something or you experience anxiety symptoms.

It’s often criticised by proffesionals with fairly narrow minds who present a strict book approach. They claim that keeping an alternative and using it because you don’t want to take part in an activity feeds anxiety or depression and makes your state of mind worse. Your state of mind suppose to get worse because you AVOID the activity. I strongly disagree with the word- AVOIDANCE. You would start to avoid taking part in an activity if you purposefully and frequently cancelled your plans because of your inner and self- inflicted fear. You are the judge and you are a responsible person in this situation and it’s up to you to actually make a solid judgement of why you don’t want to take part in the activity.

Nothing can be seen as black or white in life therefore you can’t measure people’s ability or their frame of mind according to set measures or guidlines. If someone stricken by anxiety didn’t suffer from the fear of attending social gatherings and decided to cancel their plan that would be fully acceptable.


It would be fully acceptable because that person would use AN EXCUSE but when it comes to the anxiety sufferer they would be labeled ‘an excuse seeker’ propped up by the word AVOIDANCE straightaway. I consider it to be harmful because treating anxiety doesn’t mean putting yourself ‘out there’ at any cost. Treating anxiety means being able to MINDFULLY and SOBERLY making a decision while being FULLY AWARE of your emotions and thoughts in different life scenarios.

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