We were both tired after a long day and a sleepless night with our daughter. My partner went upstairs with Miss Little Munchkin aka Jumping Bean first, I followed after. When I got upstairs I saw them both sleeping soundly. I stopped for a moment and let my heart fill with joy and happiness of seeing two people whom I love with my whole heart relaxing and resting.

What does make you happy?

I often find out that people feel happy when they surround themselves with materialistic items or money. They forget the importance of emotions and feelings which doesn’t cost a dime.

Stop for a moment, forget about the money and materialistic items and ask yourself what’s really important in your life.

4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Yes, happiness is something most of us chase all our lives in all the wrong places. And when we come to a certain age or incident we reshape our idea of happiness where it really boils down to the simple things like family, friends, a bee flying around in the city, the blue sky after a dark period etc.
    I think as a little step for me to describe happiness is already the thought to be able to think about it consciously as I could be chasing all the wrong things in pursuit of happiness…
    I saw your support page with links to mental health organizations. I can recommend two more if you want to have a look? Both charities work with people who are suicidal, one is a house the other is ambulant, both in London.
    In North London, house: http://maytree.org.uk/
    In Pimlico, ambulant face-2-face support started in 2016 by Samaritans: http://listeningplace.org.uk/

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