Personal Growth

Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a slow and immaculate process. It takes strength, determination and perseverance to become happy with yourself.

Are you happy with yourself as a person? Do you struggle with self-worth? What do you work on at the moment?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love & Peace x

3 thoughts on “Personal Growth

  1. I think if you do not try to be like someone else and try to either imitate them or idiolise them so much that you are blind to their faults, that would be a game changer to loving your own self and accepting the way you are and then working on your self development…

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    • @P.S Shefali thank you for your comment! I agree with you ! You need to truly get to know yourself, it will be a painful process as you will discover your flaws and that will make you uncomfortable but as long as you learn to love your positive attributes as well as your flaws life will become a happier and more welcoming place for you x

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