18th September 2019

I wanted to wake up at 5am to exercise because 7 months after giving birth to P I still carry a kangaroo pouch or A TYRE😆 I’m questioning my mental wellbeing when it comes to my postpartum body. I thought I was fat before I was pregnant…





What do I look like now then? A raging hippopotamus? Surprisingly, most of the time, I accept my body and feel good in my own skin. Recently, I have started to struggle with my body image again…

Body positivity… here I come to find you ( again).

I stayed up late last night cleaning and finishing jobs around the house so my plan of being an early bird failed miserably and I ended up getting up at 6.30am and rushing around like a headless chicken.

Papa John had a migraine the night before and he didn’t inform me that one of his tablets finished so we ended up asking his mum aka super nan nan to pick it up for us. Sometimes, it’s so hard to stay on top of everything. To be honest with you, it’s almost impossible to stay organised when you are a parent. It feels like a part of your brain has been erased and the available space has been filled up with a brick. You never stop and rush with everything. Nan nan came to the rescue.

Papa John managed to get P dressed while I was recklessly dancing in the bloody kitchen to make P milk, prepare coffee & lunch for us etc. It took me 5 mints to get ready ( forget about the make up). I felt anxious and sad because I hate going to work and leaving P behind. She always has a great time with her nan but oh my god, I miss her so much.

The day itself had gone quick. It was fairly busy. I feel like I suffocate at work, I do it without enjoying it constantly waiting for home time.

Papa John picked me up after work and we managed to get home on time without being too late due to traffic.

Arriving at home and seeing P excited to be with us after a whole day takes all the negativity away. She is such an active little girl who puts an instant smile on our faces. We had a lovely play time, dinner and bathtime.

I must say, since I went back to work, I take my time with P’s bed time routine. I have always had a very laid back approach to it. I cherish cuddles and the fact that she falls asleep in my arms while I sing nursery rhymes to her. She giggles, when I sing- ‘ There were 10 in a bed and the little one said…’ ten times in a row. My little sweet weirdo❤

Tommorow is Thursday, two more days until the weekend.

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