The Sun, It Makes Me Happy It Makes You…Closer Than 2m

Today we went for a family walk to our local park. It is something we love to do as it feels like we are all disconnecting from urban life.

It is quiet

It is beautiful

The scenary at our local park

But today as soon as we arrived the car park was full, many people were having bike rides. This is not a problem but what we were then seeing was people ignorant still of the social distancing measures that are in place. People were wrestling near the entrance, making a fuss of each others dogs and it just seems like the lockdown that we had just a week ago is forgotten. It was a hard few weeks and measures are still in place that are meant to protect each other from this invisible killer. Though in this small counatry park, whether it is because it seems isolated and away from ‘authority’ that maybe people are using this as an opportunity to let off some steam.

We however are still avoiding people at the park as our lil girl likes exploring so we need the space to allow her to walk and pick up sticks.

But we couldn’t today due to the crowds of people there. Our lil girl ended up not wanting to walk and wanted to be carried where she would normally happily walk for a good half hour. That meant we had to come home where she still wanted to be held by her mum. I felt like a stranger to her.

The world is crazy as it is where some countries further into a lock down are stricter than ours and yet what affect is it having on our children and then allowing them to mix with others again. It feels as if seeing people made her anxious.

If so its just something to get through day by day.

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