We’re Back

We have taken a long break because we needed it as a family. We were stuck in lockdown trying to tackle parenthood, financial situation and mental health. As a family, we have done our best to ensure our daughter have had a routine resembling more or less normal life.

First few months had been extremely difficult because I had been made furloughed for most part of the year. Being furloughed had definately hit me hard. I was trying to cope with uncertainty of the future by looking for another job as a back up. Thankfully, I’m back in my old job and feel safe for the time being. Ian’s job has been flexible because it enables him to work from home.

Phoebe, our daughter, has changed so much. She is a toddler with own likes, dislikes and OPINION . We’re thrilled that her character is thriving and shining. Behaviour management has been let’s say positively challenging.

I hope you all keep safe and look forward to more posts from us đŸ™‚

Love to you all xxx

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