One Less Struggle

Having a problem in your life takes its toll on you as a person.

Physically and mentally it is exhausting and it can make you ill. As weird as it sounds, you can get ill from worry.

We all know that viruses and bacteria make you ill. That is a familiar story. Especially when you have been living through a pandemic for a year.

But worry….

It manifests inside you.

Making each daily task harder and heavier

Staying in bed feels like an escape from the world but it doesn’t make the problem go away.

No matter how hard; it’s best to face worry head on. Otherwise all it will do is consume you. The sooner it is faced the sooner you can move on and the weight is lifted from your shoulders. The sickness subsides and your body and mind can relax and recover.

These past few days have not been easy. I have not felt fantastic and it has been hard to function on a daily basis. Being proactive feels impossible and I just do the minimum to get by until I find the strength to continue. My mind seeks an easy option out but in reality there is no easy option but to face the problem head on. The problem i have been facing I am hoping is sorted now. But it hasn’t been easy, and I have felt a difference in myself gradually build up over the days of facing the issue and then just like that…Gone.

Defence mode is dropped; i feel like i can relax until the next problem comes along and begins to take over and repeat the cycle in which we all face day in and day out. Worry, grows and fades in a cycle like everything else.

Worry grows and fades in a cycle like everything else.

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