Destiny 2 – 24 Hour Gaming Stream for Charity

I Am Problematic - Problematique86's Gaming SeeSaw

I will be streaming alongside Peter and Ryan (Mica Travels Charity) on Twitch from 10am Saturday 27th March 2021 to 11am on Sunday 28th March.

They are seeking donations for their challenge, log on to thir very own twitch  channel to watch the stream, ask questions and support them by donating to the cause.

They will be playing Destiny 2 and will be running numerous game modes throughout the 24 hours, playing with people across the globe. This will be to raise money for the AMMF and The UK Sepsis trust

Donations can be made via Virgin Money.

If you know of the game then donations can be made to dictate what weapons, and classes they use for the game modes they are playing, why not create a challenge within a challenge for them!

They will be running to a schedule so if you are interested (or even if you know about Destiny 2) then please see below:

10:00: Deep Stone Crypt Raid
11:30: Battlegrounds
12:30: Deep Stone Crypt Raid
14:00: Garden Of Salvation Raid
15:30: Battlegrounds
16:30: Deep Stone Crypt Raid
18:00: To be decided by a Spin Wheel
19:00: Deep Stone Crypt Raid
20:30: To be decided by a Spin Wheel
21:30: Deep Stone Crypt Raid
23:00: Trials of Osiris
00:30: until 11:00 will all be decided by the spin wheel*

You can donate for them to help you out with something in game
For a raid carry or first time clear with a LFG with experience at DSC
To decide on what weapons they have to use during a certain game mode
To decide what game mode they play on any of the sections above with spin wheel slots
To decide what sub-classes they must run
To show some support without tormenting them in the likes of trials or iron banner by picking bows as our weapons

Thanks for your support in advance!

Please check out our MICA Page and check out what MICA Travels are up to next Mica Travels Charity

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