Mental Health Awareness Week – 10th to 16th May

N is for Nature

The sun is shining and I don’t know about you but the difference that makes to my personal wellbeing is immense. (Please note at the writing of this blog the sun was shining, I can’t be held responsible for cloud coverage)

Sunshine or cloud, we can get back to our roots with the theme for the Mental Health Awareness Week – Nature.

Hosted by the Mental Health Awareness Foundation the Mental Helath Awareness week will run from 10-16 May 2021.

Why Nature?

One thing we did to get through the Pandemic was go to a green space. The Chief Executive of Mental Health. Org mentions in his article about why Nature was chosen that 45% of us used nature as a coping mechanism. Websites which show footage of Wildlife had traffic increases of up to 2000%.

Nature is something for everyone to enjoy whether it is a walk in the park, watching the birds through your window or a bike ride through the country.

When I take a walk through my local park I find myself relaxing more than I would sitting at home. I am not distracted I am not procrastinating I just enjoy the moment. It is this distraction which I find so good for my mind.

As lockdown is easing further, and the weather is brightening. Let us get back to nature and help ourselves. Take pictures, go for a walk and enjoy what is out there!

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