How much is too much?

How much is too much? It’s a very general question. It can be related to anything. Today, this question is related to a job. I’m going to extend this question to:

How much mistreatment at work is too much to put a full stop to it?

I consider myself to be a very experienced, fairly simple and very straighforward human being who expects the same from others. I often forget that it’s fairly impossible to receive ‘ a full package’ from people around me as the world is full of mischievious idiots who just wait to devour eachother by gradual but effective backstabbing.

Where am I going with it?

I feel like people like me who perceive the world in a simple and realistic way struggle a lot. I’m sensitive and not interested in politically strategic games. Someone would say- ” Why don’t you change yourself?” Well, I’ve tried it in the past and as a 30 years old adult I don’t want to pretend to be someone who I’m not for the sake of being an accepted and succesful woman.

Am I a looser? No, I’m not. I’m ‘me’, a unique version of Anya which can’t be replaced.

The only thing that bothers and hurts me is mistreatment which occurs at work. It’s a very complex, comperable to being incarcerated situation.


I have bills to pay, food to buy and expenses to cover. The responsibilities make me ( and most of other people in a similar position) stay in the toxic situation. The optimist would say- ‘Go to HR, talk to them, they will understand’. I completely agree, in a perfect world full of fluffy marshmallow clouds that would work. But it won’t. You know why? Because many companies & businesses consists of the management team of which members fit in together like the most perfect mosaic jigsaw puzzle pieces. They will not get rid of one another because they desperately need eachother for the sake of the company to prosper. It’s easier to dismiss one troublesome employee and look for another to replace them. It’s like 1 poor human being against 1 milion Zombie troops. Other employees don’t say anything because:

a) they are too busy pleasing the management team in hope to be part of it


b) they talk about struggles at work and share your pain but they are scared to do anything about it because they will loose their source of income.

I fall into the second category, I bear the pain because I have to. Although, I feel like I’ve reached a breaking point when I know I will be looking for another job soon- while I’m on maternity leave.

My only advice to those who suffer, I feel your pain and I feel your struggle. Look after yourself in this twisted world. Do everything in your power to improve your situation by being sly, sneaky and clever among vipers in the work environment.

Take care of your mental health, don’t let anyone take advantage of you based on your mental health. It would be wonderful if we all could be open about it but unfortunately we can’t. Don’t be afraid to take some time off if you mentally struggle but always remember to cover your back by going to your doctor or contacting the Union.

Love & Peace

4 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. Hi,
    yes, everyone is different, some can take more than others, and no-one is a loser. But I find that in today’s society we have been conditioned to take a lot of bullying. I was bullied during bereavement in Pret A Manger (who also had 2 customers die from their products) and just about survived.
    I write extensively on my blog and am “shadow banned” (hidden censorship) on Twitter for speaking out. But most large companies today treat their staff like machines, where it is all about profit. You have to function, if you can’t due to bereavement, tragedy, illness etc. you become an inconvenience.
    I need to find hope to find a good workplace again.

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